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Print Frequency :  Bi-monthly

Month(s) of publication :  Jan-Mar-May-Jul-Sep-Nov

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Aquilus Journal of Environmental Science :

Aquilus Journal of Environmental Sciences is a peer reviewed, open source journal that operates an online platform for authors to publish their articles online. The journal seeks to promote and disseminate knowledge on various topics and technologies of Environmental Science. The journal aims to present to the international community important results of work in the fields of environmental research, development, application and design. The journal also aims to help researchers, scientists, institutions, world agencies, societies, etc. to keep up with new developments in theory and applications and to provide alternative solutions to current issues in the environment.

The topics of interest to journal include, but are not limited to, all aspects of Environment, Environmental Energy, Solar energy, Hydropower, Geothermal Energy, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells as well as energy from biomass and biofuel. The integration of Environment technologies will become a turnaround in the modern world.

Topics Covered:

Human Ecology   Soil science
Plant Ecology   Natural resources
Species colonization   Conservation science
Urban and Rural Environment   Management and use of Land
Bioindicators   Environmental planning
Environmental Management   Geosciences
Wildlife Ecology   Sewage treatment
Disease Management   Biogeography
Animal Ecology   Environmental Impact Statement
Community Ecology   Restoration ecology
Habitat management   Environmental geography
Evolution of pathogens and relevant diseases Environmental movement
Environmental engineering   Ecological Modelling
Urban ecology   Energy conservation
Extremophiles   Biology
Marine ecology   Environmental economics
Ecosystems   Sustainability science
Environmental toxicology   Drought
Aquatic environments   Policies on Ecology
Limnology   Invasion ecology
Atmospheric Sciences   Oceanography
Waste Management   Theories in Ecology
Ecological Economics   Management of Agro-ecosystem
Environmental Health Epidemiology   Wildfires
Global Change   Environmental Pollution
Natural Resource Management   Ecological Succession
Environmental Technology   Pest Management
Hydrology   Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Site Assessment   Environmental Studies
Conservation Biology   Renewable Energy
Recycling   Ecological Sanitation
Terrestrial Environments   Environmental Chemistry
Basic and Applied Ecology   Weed Management
Biodiversity   Laws of Conservations
Environmental Informatics   Ecology
Environmental Statistics   Wildlife Management
Environmental Design   Pollution Control
Systems Ecology   Water Purification
Environmental Protection   Remediation
Urban Metabolism   Environmental Impacts

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