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Aquilus Journal of Rice Research :

Aquilus Journal of Rice Research is an Open Access journal that focus on research on Rice productivity and value for the agriculture and climate change. The journal publishes all the advancements in the field of rice research. This open Access journal aims to publish the most complete and latest information on the discoveries and current research as original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc. and making them available online to the researchers worldwide without any restrictions and subscriptions.

The journal publishes world class high impact research work that publishes current advances in rice genetics, structural and functional genomics, comparative genomics, molecular biology and physiology, molecular breeding and comparative biology to the Rice research scientific community. The editorial board members of Aquilus Journal of Rice Research are experts in the field and will guide authors throughout the publication process.

Topics Covered:

Rice Yield

Fertilizer Management

Rice and Aquaculture

Rice Genome

Ecology, Cereal Chemistry

Par Boiled Rice

Leaf Diseases

Long Grain Rice

Rice research

Plant Physiology & Ecology

Rice Diseases

White Rice

Breeding and Genetics

Rice and Nutrition

Rice Bran

Molecular Biology and Physiology

Basmati Rice

Post-Harvest Processing.

Rice Blast

Molecular Breeding

Stress Resistant Rice

Drought Tolerence

Rice Based Cropping Systems

Agricultural Sciences

Rice production

Current Advances in Rice Genetics

Golden Rice

Comparative Genomics

Rice husk


Raw Rice

Rice Economics


Unpolished Rice

Golden Rice

Structural and Functional Genomics,

Sticky Rice




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